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We are Cinergy Financial. We're Strategic. Tactical. Planned.

Investment Management 

  • Fee-Based / Commission Portfolio Management  
  • Tax-Efficient Investing   
  • Alternative Investment Strategies
  • Life-Time Income Options  

Retirement Planning 

  • Distribution / Income Analysis
  • Qualified / Non-Qualified Retirement Options 
  • Pension Plan Analysis
  • 401(k) Advice / Rollover
  • IRA & Roth IRA's

Risk Management Strategies  

  • Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Medicare / Supplements
  • Umbrella Policies

Estate Conservation  

  • Living Trusts / Wills
  • Health Care Directive
  • Power of Attorney


Retail Endowment Allocated Like Model "REALM"®

Mega brokers tend to be incredibly myopic. They focus on portfolios comprised mainly of stocks and bonds or just passive strategies. At Cinergy Financial, we expand and augment our clients' portfolios by utilizing some of the Endowment Model philosophy consisting of three pillars – alternative, passive and tactical investment strategies. Our philosophy, better known as “REALM”, may include core investment classes comprised of real estate investment trusts, private credit, stocks, bonds, and absolute return funds. The endowment model strategy has historically outperformed traditional asset allocations*, and may help provide the possibility to protect against turbulent market cycles.


The Tools to Keep Your Financial Life Organized

Document Protection Systems to organize your life's most important information:

  • At-a-glance custom spreadsheets
  • Total transparency
  • Easily monitored
  • Proactive





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Retail Endowment Allocated Like Model "REALM"®  is a registered trademark of Cinergy Financial, inc. (US Registration Number: 5933810)